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We offer online parenting classes that prepare you for this new chapter of your life.  No matter where you find yourself, you can rest assured that with our BrightCourse prenatal and parenting online courses, you will be ready to take on the journey of motherhood with a toolbelt filled with knowledge and know-how. 


We also offer an earn -while-you-learn program to help you build both your parenting skills and your baby's nursery. 


The best part is, you'll have a trusted advisor to talk to any time, any day! Learn more about our courses and programs!


Online Parenting Courses


BrightCourse is an interactive video learning platform for parents, expectant parents, or adults. Ask one of our client advocates which course is right for you. Some courses are tailored to a trimester or stage of parenting. Other courses cover life skills like

  • Love Lessons
  • Special Circumstances
  • Positive Partnerships
  • Bible Study

Watch a Short Video About BrightCourse!

Videos are 10-30 minutes long with questions. BrightCourse tracks your progress and you earn points for items in our Resource Room. Visit us in person to get started with a link to BrightCourse. Once you’re set up you can watch videos on your phone whenever it’s convenient for you. Some people like to hang out at Options on 8 Pregnancy Resource Center and watch the videos. We like to touch base weekly through text.


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Earn While You Learn

Rewards Program


As you may know, if you just read about BrightCourse, you can watch videos and earn points towards our Resource Room. Gain parenting and adulting skills and earn physical resources for your specific needs.

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“Parenting without Shame — taught me to redirect the babies over and over. No shame, but explain why it’s wrong or a no. I catch myself and rethink angry outbursts.” 

“Yes I recommend the course to many. Both acquaintances who found they were pregnant and a relative.”

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