The pregnancy test used here is highly accurate. We also offer Free STD tests and by 2010 will be offering free Ultrasound testing for pregnant women. If you do not have a physician, we can provide you with a referral to one.

All services provided by this Center are free to the client and are available regardless of the client’s age, race, religion, marital status, or income level.

We are a non-profit organization. Our staff members are not necessarily degreed or licensed professional counselors, but all have had training for pregnancy-related concerns and work under the supervision of a Medical Director and/or a Nurse Manager. They are here because they care about you. Our free lay counseling is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling.

This Center does not perform abortions or refer for abortions.

The Services we offer are:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • STD tests
  • Ultra Sound tests and/or referrals for US tests
  • Lay counseling
  • Education about abortion and alternatives
  • Education on fertility, contraception, and natural Family Planning
  • ‘Earn While You Learn’ program for material goods needed, such as: Maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, formula, cribs, and other baby items.

We can provide you with a referral for many other service including:

  • Medical care beyond pregnancy needs
  • Churches
  • Professional counseling (including post-abortion)
  • Attorneys
  • Social Services
  • Housing
  • Natural Family Planning instructions (NFP)
  • Financial Assistance
  • Adoption agencies
  • Free Ultrasound exam

All information which you share with us will be kept strictly confidential (except in cases where disclosure is required by law). We will contact you after your appointment only with  your express permission. You may terminate service from this Center at any time.